Basic data for engineering of LPG gas supply project

Technical specification for project engineering
(pic. 127.1 – Technical specification for
project engineering)
Проект газификации СУГ
(pic. 127.2 – LPG gasification project)

The main basic data for LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) gasification engineering are the following:

  • Total heat power of all gas consumers (maximum heat load) which determines required gas flow rate.
  • Remoteness of gas tank from gasified building.
  • Climate region to determine lower limit of outside temperature.
  • The quantity of charges (how many times per year gas tank is going to be charged).
  • Building to be designed, customer’s preferences.
  • Special features of gas supply object.
  • Floor plan with future gas equipment disposition (designing the project of inside gas pipeline).

Fire security norms PB 12-609-03 prescribe the distance between gas tank and house, the ways of gas pipeline installation inside the building, gas cock positioning.

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