Gasification of hotels

Gasification of hotels, motels, restaurants, bars and cafes
(pic. 49.1 – Gasification of hotels, motels,
restaurants, bars and cafes)
Gasification of warehouses
(pic. 49.2 – Gasification of warehouses)

Gasification of hotels

Independent gasification of hotels, motels, restaurants, bars, cafes, shops and warehouses is ideal way to organize gas supply to the objects which do not have any help from «blue-sky fuel».

Gasification can be organized in any place (countryside territories, hunting lodges, mountain areas) and its possibilities are wide: independent heating system, providing with hot water, floor heating, and organization of outdoor and decorative lighting, barbecue, conditioning and ventilation systems, saunas and even insect protection systems.

Private gas supply for hotels and other objects is realized on ecological clean type of fuel with high output factor of heating equipment. There is a possibility to extend a part of gasification in life-support system of already existing hotels: reducing the percent of expensive electric energy. The problem of heating can be solved on base of gas air convector where you get the possibility to control the temperature individually.

Potential possibilities of independent gasification are huge, just the volume and the quantity of using gas tanks in the system can vary depending from the size of the aim.

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