Gasification of manufacturers and industrial enterprises.

To develop and provide good functioning of manufacturing enterprises, remote from main gas pipelines, there is an independent gasification required. Industrial gasification (gasification of enterprises and gasification of industrial objects) supposes quit big volumes of consumed liquefied petroleum gas. Independent gas supply to a manufacturer (factory, workshop or warehouse) will allow to reach high economical effect and will guarantee uninterruptible working process.

Industrial gasification
(Pic. 27.1 – Industrial gasification)
Independent gas supply for manufacturers
(Pic. 27.2 – Independent gas supply
for manufacturers.)

Independent gasification of industrial enterprises is based on tank units which are designed to receive and store liquefied petroleum gas.

Main components of tank unit for independent gasification of a manufacturer:

  • Under-ground or above-ground gas tanks, groups of gas tanks;
  • Galvanic corrosion protecting block;
  • Combination units;
  • Pumps for liquefied petroleum gas pumping and automatic control block;
  • Condensate collector, drain assembly, gas pipes for steam and liquid gas.

Operations which are carried out on the territory of tank unit to provide industrial enterprises with independent gasification:

  • Gas tanks charge (liquefied petroleum gas receiving);
  • Liquefied petroleum gas storage;
  • Evaporating of liquid gas;
  • Supply of steam gas to the customers.

Independent gasification of the manufacturer requires maximal concentration and heightened attention to each part of production department or landscape. Project designing and mounting works should be made by specialized licensed company who has positive recommendations and sufficient work experience.

Today independent gasification of the manufacturers and industrial enterprises is economically advantageous and environment friendly solution to provide trouble-proof and uninterrupted operation of the enterprise.



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