Why our equipment is more expensive than the equipment from other companies?

Service life of the gas tank is 50 years
(15.1 – Service life of the gas tank is 50 years)

Italian equipment from «Antonio Merloni Cylinders Ghergo Group S.p.А.», destined to organize a system of independent gasification, is more expensive than the equipment from other companies because of its high quality, reliability, infallibility, durability, safety and minimum maintenance. At the same time, considering to use it for a long time having a comfort, gas tanks from «Antonio Merloni» will not require soon replacement or buying of new vaporizer as it happens when you buy horizontal cisterns from other manufacturers – finally, they will be chipper and will be paid back.

In the field of independent gasification it is not reasonable to save on quality. Italian corporate will meet the requirements of the most sophisticated consumer, it offers unique and patented developments which improve the quality and service life of gas tanks. «Antonio Merloni» gas tanks gain on all engineering and operational characteristics, they will be paid back very soon due to its huge service life (50 years).

The most demonstrative and simple criteria of the reliability is the weight of a gas tank. Light weight tells that the gas tank has thin wall what will cause soon cracks, crisps, flattering and corrosion appearance in the future. Compare the weight of the gas tanks from «Antonio Merloni» with the weight of the cisterns from other manufacturers and you will see the difference. Italian gas tanks are produced from sheets of low-alloyed steel with the thickness of 7-10 mm what is possible thanks to special-purpose equipment and high-technology possibilities of the factory.

Also remember that the manufacturers of horizontal gas tanks are cheating announcing «-40°С» in the technical specifications of produced gas tanks. Gas evaporating in horizontal gas tanks will occur only at the temperature of higher than -22°С! If the temperature is lower than -22°С, gas in horizontal cistern will not pass from liquid to gaseous state. Horizontal cisterns bought in summer lose working capacity in winter so, the owners are obliged to buy expensive evaporators which are sold them with great pleasure by the manufacturers of horizontal «summer» cisterns. Vertical gas tanks from «Antonio Merloni» will never lose working capacity even in the conditions of harsh winters, keeping working capacity at the temperature till -40°С.

Gas tanks from «Antonio Merloni» is a guarantee of the quality and reliability
( pic. 15.2 – Gas tanks from
«Antonio Merloni» is a
guarantee of the quality and reliability)
Italian quality
(pic. 15.3 – Italian quality)

Reliable operating of «Antonio Merloni» gas tanks is provided by the following: external corrosion resistant epoxy protective coating in 3 layers and special inside corrosion resistant coating.

All equipment from «Antonio Merloni» is completely grounded. Sensitive sensors which react on the fuel leakage and immediately signal about breakdowns are installed inside private house, summer house or cottage.

Three-component anode-cathode protection protects from the impact of vagabond and induced underground currents. Anode-cathode protection is connected to protective «Marsupio» bag which is made of strong electrically conducting polymer; any season it keeps the protection in active state.

All cisterns for liquefied petroleum gas storage are made according to ISPESL Raccolta "VSR", "M", "S", European Directive 97/23/CE and according to norms EN 14075 (underground gas tanks) and EN 12542 (ground-based gas tanks). All equipment used on Italian gas tanks corresponds to the Standards and European Directive.

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