Frosty weekdays and hot prices for energy resources in the USA

Anomalous frosts in the USA
(pic. 30.1 – Anomalous frosts in the USA)

Severe frosts, open-handed snowfalls and dangerous ice slicks in the United States of America dictate their terms: schools, state and private offices are closed, air flights are canceled, the roads and bridges are blocked… the prices for electrical resources are multiplied.

Whichever was the reason of unreal frosts and snow chaos (the scientists blame the «Polar funnel» which came from Arctic and caused the harsh temper of the weather) but temperature anomaly is evident. Outdoor thermometers in some states of Northern and Central part of the USA note -40 °С (considering the wind it’s: -55 °С) what exceed the norms for 10…20 °С.

In January 2014 some other records were set: in the USA there was reached historical maximum of daily energy sources consumption. This caused the jump in the price for gas and electricity. The price for natural gas increased in more than 7 times, the price for electrical powers increased in 190 times. The price for 1000 m3 of natural gas reached 3240$, and it will be also necessary to pay 5000$ for 1 megawatt hour. Gas and electricity became «gold».

The citizens of Russia should not be calmed by geographical remoteness from above mentioned events, the ocean barrier and stage of another continent. Changes occurred in America should be considered as a harbinger of the changes in other countries.

The jump in the price for gas and electricity in the USA
(pic. 30.2 – The jump in the price
for gas and electricity in the USA)

Increase of energy resources consumption in the Unites States of America provoked the growth of the price for the petroleum on the world market. The intention of the USA to export liquefied natural gas will increase the prices in domestic market. Finally, the growth of wholesale prices will have an impact on the final consumers.

Think of the independence of your country house: turn your attention to the independent gasification on base of gas tanks from «Antonio Merloni Cylinders Ghergo Group S.p.А.» and to solar electricity. Independent gas supply by liquefied gas using Italian cisterns will give to your house, cottage or summer house “its own” gas and will become an alternative to the main pipeline natural gas. Using the solar power (reliable, quiet and ever-living source) by means of solarvoltaic arrays, it will be possible to get the replacement to traditional electricity.
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