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«Previously we lived quit happily, and now we live well», - ordinary Russian sais. He also adds: «Hope it fizzles out soon.» That’s about the crisis. Yes, we hope so.
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Anti-Russian sanctions established by the USA and EU now also concern oil and gas industry, defense industry. The rate of Euro increased – equipment from Italy became more expensive. Like any other European or Russian equipment. Price increase for equipment doesn’t withdraw from «the agenda» the question of gasification. Independent gasification let it be!
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Considering complicated political situation and sharp fall in ruble, «Antonio Merloni» Company announces 10% anti-recessionary discounts in January, 2015. Discounts are activated only in case of 100% prepayment for complete order including mounting. «10%» anti-recessionary discount for gas tanks from «Antonio Merloni» is valid till 31 of January, 2015...
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Forecasts from experts talk about following increase of Euro exchange rate (ruble falling). Consequently the price for Italian gas tanks from «Antonio Merloni», which perfectly solve a problem of gasification for objects, will be also increased. Don’t miss your chance to gasify your private house cheaper, use this unique possibility!
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The forecast of The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade informs about the rates of wholesales prices increase for gas. By 2017 price increase for gas for the citizens will 1% outrace price increase for gas for industrial consumers. Here is so doubtful «record». Russians, we are indexing again: 2015 – 7,5%; 2016 – 5,5%, 2017 – 4,5%...
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«Independent gasification» is criss-crossing along the city awaking interest and presenting information. Advertizing design to place it on personal car was developed by designers from GC «Terrikom». Marketing experts consider «drive-in» advertising as a strong way to make an influence on people. Even when the car has a rest in the yard – advertising continuous to work...
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The prices for gas inside RF should be unfreezed – to increase. This is an opinion of Gazprom management. The reason - construction of «The Power of Siberia» gas pipeline. Probably, the prices for gas will be 8-10% increased every year. Only rates increase which exceeds inflation would allow Gazprom to finance «The Power of Siberia»...
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In June, in Moscow, took place the 21st World Petroleum Congress. In spite of the USA sanctions the most of Western Concerns participated in the session. Probable boycott has not occurred what was met by the Government and the President of America with raised eyebrows. World Petroleum Congress is out of policy...
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Cheaply deliver gas tank to the cities of the Far East of Russia? Solution does exist. In 40 feet container, which comes back from Moscow empty, there can be fit gas tanks with capacity of 1650 liters. Settled with a driver delivery of gas tank to Vladivostok, for example, will cost only 30 000 rubles...
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The cost for gas transportation along regional nets might increase in 3,5-5 times. That will provoke price increase for gas for the citizens in 1,5 times what probably will give an impulse to expansion of the systems of alternative gasification...
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International exhibition Aqua-Therm Moscow 2014 has occurred. The visitors of this event expressed big interest to the equipment from «Antonio Merloni» Company. Productive dialogue accompanied familiarization with vertical gas tanks and with systems of independent gas supply. Stand with «GASIFICATION» sign constantly had crowds of people...
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In February Italian Corporate «Antonio Merloni» organizes Olympic discount promotion. Let it be symbolized by five intertwisting Olympic rings – five percent of your economy. Olympic promotion is your chance to solve the question of gasification for the private house...
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Severe frosts in the USA dictate their own terms: schools and roads are closed, air flights are canceled, prices for gas and electricity are multiplied. Historical maximum of daily energy sources consumption in the USA determined the jump in the price for gas and electricity. Think of the independence of your county house: independent gasification and solar electricity
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It is reasonable to be ready to play with forecasts. In 2014 equipment from «Antonio Merloni» company will become more expensive. It is expected 5-8% price increase for gas tanks. Stop delaying your dreams about independent gasification for later. It’s time to act...
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Into New Year with 10% discount. Due to coming holidays we offer you unprecedented discount for all gas tanks from Italian Corporate «Antonio Merloni»: from the 25th of December 2013 to the 31st of January 2014. Make a gift to your countryside house – put under New Year tree independent gasification on base of gas tanks from «Antonio Merloni»...
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The limits for export of natural liquefied gas were canceled. The Law which liberalizes an export is signed by Vladimir Putin. «Gazprom» Company was provided with the monopoly for foreign deliveries realized by means of the pipeline. Will the law be a handicap on the way to gasification for a private house, summer house or cottage?
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Independent gas tank from «Antonio Merloni» will go from Moscow to Vladivostok. The client was scared neither by 9057 km of the way, nor by the delivery cost, which exceeded the price of vertical cistern itself. He chose reliable quality of «Antonio Merloni»: high- tech product, reliable, durable and safe. He guaranteed comfort and warmth to his house on the Far East of Russia
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From the 4th to the 7th of February 2014 there will be the 18th International Exhibition AQUA-THERM Moscow 2014. Specialized event will help you to find the grand entrance to HVAC market, to familiarize with novelties of heating and sanitary ware equipment, to demonstrate technologies your and products...
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Winter of 2014 is expected to be anomalous cold. The strongest frosts will be in January and February. Don’t wait for the frosts that will come soon! Independent gasification system on base of underground gas tanks from “Antonio Merloni”, mounted before the frosts, will allow to welcome winter by warmth
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It is forecasted permanent rates increase for electric power, which has become 4 times more expensive during last 10 years. Alternative for the owners of private houses, who heat them by electric power, might become independent gas supply and organization of air heating system on base of gas convectors.
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Russian governors will determine the rates for electricity and water in the regions. Intention to pay budget debts will unavoidably bring to decrease of social norms. Monthly volume of electric power consumption in Russia is 80-100 kWh per person...
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In 2014 it is expected rate increase for electricity and water in Russia. The government proposes to get along with the tightness of the social norms, the regulation regarding its establishment is already signed by Dmitry Medvedev. The payment for normalized electric power will be charged according to low rates, but for excess consumption according to market prices
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Beginning from the 1st of July 2013 the rates for gas in Russia are increased for the citizens and for industrial consumers. Every year readjustment of the prices for gas is realized for the citizens. Against the rate increase independent gasification on base on vertical gas tanks from «Antonio Merloni» become relevant...
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The Government of Russia is going to «drop» national ruble. Devaluation is appealed to make positive effect on federal budget - cheapening of Russian goods will increase their competitive ability on the world market. Before ruble collapses it is reasonable to realize a project of independent gasification on base of gas tanks from «Antonio Merloni»
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There are lives exist which are much more valuable than our own. It is clear for people with opened hearts. We have a button «Make a contribution for children curing» on our website. This charitable internet-trust joins the forces of networked users for effective fundraising and their appropriation for social and medical emergency needs.
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Fuel filling stations can sell natural-gas-based motor fuel. Regulation signed by Medvedev extends minimum list of the services rendered on Russian AZS. These actions are appealed to increase the growth of volumes in gas use as engine fuel, to improve ecological situation along traffic arteries in Russia.
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Natural gas is profitable fuel for electric power stations. It is accessible, economically efficient and viable, ecologically friendly. Energy strategy of Russia - gas for needs of electrical energy industry and for export – supposes gasification of non-public area according to the leftover principle. Solution: independent gasification on base of Italian gas tanks from «Antonio Merloni»...
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Anomalous heat in the Central part of Russia increases. In the districts of Southern region it is expected 34 ºС. Impudent May heat increased sales turnover of vertical gas tanks from «Antonio Merloni». It is explained by the possibility to reach previously sunk lowland objects. It is the time to buy impendent gas tanks from Antonio Merloni...
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American Corporation «Exxon Mobil» closed up shale gas exploration on the territory of Poland. Test boreholes appeared to be unprofitable. Worthy alternative to Russia natural gas does not still exist in Europe – independent gasification by LPG stays relevant.
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What is important is that we’ve delivered. The rest is your problems. This is the policy of the most transport companies. Vertical gas tank reached Novosibirsk with numerous damages; during unloading it slid off from the forks and rolling along the warehouse stroke against the column...
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Has «Shale Revolution» already occurred? The head of «Gazprom» does not see any Russian risks in the shale gas recovery realized by Americans. Giving the comments to Miller’s claim TV presenter Leontiev announced about sabotage which put off the guard of Russia and would bring to the loss of European market...
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Russian gas will go to China. That was a result of successful negotiations between «Rosneft» and «Gazprom» Companies and Chinese state-owned Company CNPC. This agreement caused some doubts: will «Gazprom» manage? Some experts consider that new direction for deliveries will bring to violation of old contract obligations...
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A truck with gas tanks had an accident on its way to the client. Fatal event for the equipment occurred in 600 km from Surgut. On the way to the final destination there happened a head-on crash...
Views: 10941
Bad news for the owners of the apartments in new buildings and for potential owners of the apartments in new buildings. Don’t be in a hurry to spend money, wait before to buy a living space, equip yourselves by new criteria of choice...
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Beginning from the 1st of July 2012 the rates for gas and electricity are increased in Russia. Gas for the citizens and for industrial consumers will be increase for 15% on the average. Rates for electricity: for Moscow citizens - 4, 2 rubles per 1 kWh; for the citizens of Moscow region - 3, 58 rubles per 1 kWh ...
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Russian billionaire Alisher USMANOV raised the summer chart top of buying; he bought MERLONI villa which belonged to Antonio MERLONI, to the leader of the same name Italian Corporate. Transaction amount is 35 million Euro ...
Views: 10851
The Vth Annual International Award «The Best Company of 2012» established in 2008 upon an initiative of the deputies of the State Duma of Russian Federation, awarded «Antonio Merloni» Company the honorary title of «Socially Responsible Enterprise» ...
Views: 10929
«I’m looking for a gas tank with new plastic hat!» – all potential customers who need gas tank for independent gasification of the house should think NOW only like this. Italian Corporate passes from stainless steel for gas tank upper cover to low pressure polyethylene ...
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The volume of gas tank plays a very important role. Italian Company expands his product line! Now you can buy gas tanks with 1000 and 1650 L capacity - tanks are already available in stock in Moscow ...


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