Independent heating for garage.

Independent heating for garage
(pic. 39.1 – Independent heating for garage)
Independent heating for car wash
(pic. 39.2 – Independent heating for car wash
Heating for workshops
(pic. 39.3 – Heating for workshops)

Independent heating for garage, car wash, service station, workshops.
Do your workplace is terrorized by discomfort of cold and by lack of hot water?

Have you ever thought about heating for your garage, car wash, service station, difference workshops?

There is reasonable and cost-effective solution: independent heating on base of gas convector. Such kind of systems allows to heat only the space that you want. Area-based system of air heating will provide you with reliability and comfort, gas convector measures the temperature in the room and adjusts its level till required parameters.

If you have the possibility to mount an underground gas tank on the territory of garage (car wash, service station, workshop) you will not have any problems activating a system of independent air heating. You will only need to dig in next to the gasified object one gas tank with minimum volume of 1 000 liters, safety controls and gas pipeline which will deliver gas to the heating device. This solution will provide you with flexibility: in case the rent period is finished up or in case of other reasons it will be enough to dig out the cistern for gas storage and carry away to another place.

Amazing bills for heating by electricity will stay in the past.

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