Export successfully develops: are they leaking hopes for gasification?

Export of liquefied gas: should we open the valves?
(Export of liquefied gas:
should we open the valves?)
Vladimir Vladimirovitch Putin: liberalization of LNG export
(pic. 26.2 – Vladimir Vladimirovitch Putin:
liberalization of LNG export)
The law has been adopted
(pic. 26.3 – The law has been adopted)

The liberalization of liquefied natural gas export has occurred.
The limits for gas export were canceled in the first day of winter 2013. Beginning of December was marked by entered into the force a law signed by the President of Russia Vladimir Vladimirovitch Putin.

The law, which realized liberalization of natural gas export, left to «Gazprom» Company only the partial monopoly for foreign supplies – by means of the pipeline.

The companies which have the certificate of authorization (for the 1st January of 2013) that considers construction of the factories to produce LNG will gain the right for export of gas. The same right will be given to companies that have fifty percent participation interest, which realize subsurface site exploitation within territorial waters, marine waters and continental shelf, covering Azov and Black seas.

Independent transit in commercial export waters can be started by: NOVATEK (independent gas manufacturer, who heavily insisted on annulations of «Gasprom» monopoly) «Yamal LNG», LNG factories «Rosneft» and «Gasprom».

What do innovations mean for ordinary people of Russia, who wishes to provide the house with warmth and comfort?

Will the law about the liberalization be a handicap on the way to gasification of a private house, summer house or cottage?

For gasification by the main pipeline gas – surely.
For a certainly, it will not raise the chances of urban areas in far away and remote corners of Russia to install pipes with «blue-sky» fuel, on the contrary it will work as a limiting factor. Growth in exports will provoke the increase of the price for gas on the domestic market and will also increase the «volumes of the outflows» to West and East.

For independent gas supply – no. Independent gasification organized by the installation of underground gas tank from «Antonio Merloni Cylinders Ghergo Group S.p.А.», will become durable, reliable and comfortable solution for the problem of gas absence. Accessible alternative to the main pipeline natural gas.



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