ElectroFusion fittings HDP in gasification

Electro-welded fittings from Plasson
(pic. 94.1 – Electro-welded fittings
from Plasson)

Real revolution of the XXI century was creation of items made of HDP (high-density polyethylene). Thanks to organic chemistry polyethylene items became ideal, economically advantageous and technically perfect alternative to other materials. They facilitated mount, reduced the quantity of joints and increased service life of pipelines.

One of the most important directions in use of polyethylene pipes became gasification. Polyethylene (PE) is durable, strong, gas-tight, electrochemically neutral, it doesn’t afraid of corrosion and it «works» at the temperature range from -60 до +60 °С.

Mounting systems of gas supply, particularly installing gas pipes, there are used connection elements (for curves, branching, to adapt one diameter to another) – FITTINGS. In this article we’ll speak about polyethylene fittings applied in independent gasification.

Professionals from Group of Companies «Terrikom» apply on the objects reliable ElectroFusion fittings from PLASSON Ltd Company (Israel), which is one of the leading suppliers of this kind of connection details on Euroepan market.


Table – Characteristics of Plasson HDP fittings
DesignModern, improved, with increased joint efficiency
Work pressureFor gas – 10 bars; For water – 16 bars
Material for fittingsPolyethylene, class PE 100
Material for connected pipesTo weld pipes made of PE 80, PE 100 and cross-linked PE
StandardsInternational standards EN 12201, EN 1555, AS/NZS 4129, AFNOR NF T 54-066, AFNOR NF T 54-079, WIS 4-32-15, WIS 4-32-14
QualityThe latest methods of control; manufacturing organization and products quality control corresponds to ISO 9001
Plasson Company
(pic. 94.2 – Plasson Company)

Polyethylene fittings from Plasson are notable for their high quality which corresponds to strong requirements of international quality and secure standards for gas systems. Use of elements from Plasson provides simplicity of mount, high strong connection of HDP pipes and perfect working characteristics during long period of exploitation (more than 50 years).

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