Studying normative standards: distances from gas tank to …

Studying normative standards
(pic. 138.1 – Studying normative standards)

So, let’s continue studying normative documents which concern systems of independent gasification! So, get to the point! Today, in this article we will focus our attention on distances from gas tanks to different constructions, engineering and technical nets.

Storage units (we got used to call them “gas tanks”) are the source of gas supply: consumers receive gas by means of gas pipeline from independent “storage”.

For underground gas tanks with the capacity up to 50 000 liters there should be observed the following distances (no less):

  • to public constructions: 15m (for cisterns or groups of cisterns up to 10 000L), 20m (for cisterns from 10 000L to 20 000L), 30m (for cisterns from 20 000L to 50 000L);
  • to residential buildings: 10m (up to 10 000L), 15m (from 10 000 to 20 000L), 20m (from 20 000 to 50 000L);
  • to garages, sport and playgrounds, highways and streets, auto-roads of I-III categories: 10m;
  • to warehouses, boilers, industrial buildings: 8m (up to 10 000L), 10m (from 10 000 to 20 000L), 15m (from 20 000 to 50 000L);
  • to underground heat pipe mains, non-pressure sewer network: 3-5m;
  • to above ground engineering and technical constructions, external access communications, wells of engineering and technical nets, auto-roads of IV-V categories: 5m;
  • to force main sewerages, water supply system: 2m;
  • to railways: 20m (up to 10 000L), 25m (from 10 000 to 20 000L) , 30m (from 20 000 to 50 000L).

Distances from underground gas tanks to electrical transmission lines, transformer plants and distribution points are to be prescribed according to Electrical Installations Code (EIC).

10 meters is a distance which is recommended by sanitary regulations and rules (SNiP 42-01-2002). Frequently it is not possible to observe this distance from the house: dimension of the lot is not enough, existing constructions disturb. The following is acceptable: in space-limited area to reduce the distance from gas cistern to residential house for 50% i.e. till 5 meters.

Specified distances from gas tank
(pic. 138.2 – Specified distances
from gas tank )

Regulatory enactments also specify the following:

  • Clear distance (from one edge of gas tank to another) between underground cisterns: ≥1m.
  • Installation depth for underground gas tank: ≥0.6 m from top generatrix of the cistern to the ground level.

When you mount gas tank it should be installed stable in the pit. We would like to remind you that stability of “Antonio Merloni” gas tanks is provided by concrete-alkaline pad which doesn’t afraid of loads, acid-based environment and induced currents.

The link in the end of this page will introduce you a table with distances which underlined this article: just follow the regulations for gas-distribution systems (we are interested in LPG cisterns) and find table 7.
Enjoy this useful studying!

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