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It’s important engineering gas supply and heating systems to be mounted by the forces of the only ONE company. Never divide these works delegating them to different companies! This is really important! You can learn from the mistakes of others!

The lack of package approach to gasification and heating might bring to the following situations:

1). Installation Company makes heating in a private house. First – something is wrong! There is no gas supply. Bent the brain, calculated. That means that those who installed gas pipeline and gas tanks did it wrong. And we have nothing to do with it. If that would have been our company which did everything, from the beginning to the end… but in this case, sorry…

2). Professionals from Installation Company which mount a system of gas pipelines shrug shoulders. «There was installed wrong heating boiler», - they say, - «as for gas, it’s fine, everything was installed correctly. Sorry… »

Remember! Any divisions in mounting of these systems will always make a client responsible, and the installers will blamely point at the colleagues from another company.

That is why completely all the works – mounting of a cistern for LPG, installation of gas pipes, service gas pipe to the house, heating boiler and radiators, connection of hot water, stove, fire security arrangement and so on – should be made by only one company. That is to guarantee the operation of engineering systems in package.

It is widely thought that if one company arranges everything, that means that they trick out of money. This is common misconception. Package approach speaks for the professionalism.

That is why searching for installation company it’s reasonable to spend some time to make a choice: to visit offices, to watch, to speak with clients who already used the services of these companies. It’s reasonable to come to the decision and deal with only one company. But choose not where it’s cheaper but where it’s more reliable.

GC «Terrikom» has package approach to the questions of sales and mounting of engineering life-support systems: independent gasification, heating, air conditioning, effluents treatment, and electrical power supply. For the convenience of our clients our support division works 24 hours, all the details are considered. To provide high quality work GC «Terrikom» has all required brainpower and technical resources.

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